Terms & Conditions
Following simple terms & conditions should be applicable to become a dealer for Hydro-Gen, suitable for the IC engines up to 1000 CC; design & manufactured by Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
1. Warranty of Hydro-Gen : Warranty for electrolyzers / cell for HydroGen [HHO] Generator is three years. All other components of HydroGen – 18 months from the date of shipment or 12 months from the date of commissioning whichever is earlier. However, all products manufactured & marketed by Tiaano are warranted for free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of its commissioning.
Extended Warranty coverage applies as follows:
If a fault develops, notify us – giving a complete description of the alleged malfunction; including the model number, invoice number, date of shipment and operating conditions of subject product. Tiaano will subsequently review this information and at our option, supply you with either servicing data or shipping instruction and returned material authorization. Upon prepaid receipt of subject product at the instructed destination, we will then either repair or replace the product at our option, and if determined to be warranted defect, we will perform necessary repairs or replace such product at our expense.
This limited warranty does not cover any products, damages or injuries resulting from misuse, neglect; normal expected wear and tear, commercially-caused corrosion, improper installation and periodical cleaning or operation contrary to factory recommendation. Nor does it cover equipment that has been modified, tampered with or altered without authorization. No other extended liabilities are stated or implied and this warrantee in no event covers incidental or consequential damages, injuries or cost resulting from any such defective products.
2. PAN : Dealers should be PAN card holders.
3. Incentive for Dealers : One number of 100 CC Bike or its equaling value, as early as they Complete their yearly
4. Appointment : Dealers appointment should be first-in-first out basis.
5. Target:
    ‘Grade A’ region

    ‘Grade B’ region

    ‘Grade C’ region

Legislative area in the Metro Cities
a. Monthly
b. Yearly
: 45 Pcs.
: 600 Pcs.
Legislative area in the corporation limits / Capital of the States
a. Monthly
b. Yearly
: 30 Pcs.
: 400 Pcs.
Other than said Legislative areas
a. Monthly
b. Yearly
: 15 Pcs.
: 300 Pcs.
6. Probation Target : During the probation period of first three months, you have to achieve your one month
7. Price : Let you know separatly.
8. Installation : Will be done by dealers.
9. Payment : 100% in advance.
9. Direct enquiry : If Tiaano will receive direct enquiries from buyers, it will be transferred to concern dealers.
10. Minimum quantity : Minimum quantity per packing box is to be 15 pcs.
11. Delivery per Shipment : 15 Days from the date of receipt of payment at bank.
12. Direct enquiry : If Tiaano receive direct enquiries from buyers, it will be transferred to concern dealers.
13. Dealership Area : Geographical area of minimum one full MLA Legislation in India.
14. Sales : Dealer’s sales should be limited in the MLA Legislative area only.
15. Dealership Deposits : At present no dealership deposit.
16. Termination : When the dealers not performing their target, the dealership will be terminated in 60 days
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