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(Tiaano®) is having the object to serve for UTILITY segments in worldwide, focusing on Electricity, Water and Fuel burning by using Green energy products, made from titanium, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, nickel, platinum, ruthenium, iridium & their alloys and composite metals.

Design, Manufacturing & Installing Oxy-Hydrogen generators and promote the product in the brand name of Hydro-Gen for the better combustion of fuels in IC engines, burners and emission free welding, cutting & polishing of many metals. More details can be had from the website link www.watercar.in
Tiaano Design, Manufacturing & Installing ‘COMPTNK’, a factory moulded composite underground storage tank. More details can be had from the website link www.fibtec.net
Further design, Manufacturing, & Installing Electro chlorinators and its electrolyzers in the brand name of ‘Aquafill’, for disinfection of drinking water, by producing low concentrated (8 Gpl) chlorine at on-site, using common kitchen salt or from seawater. Refer our site www.tiaano.com for more understanding.
For Enhancing the life of underground steel structures (protect them from corrosion) by the way of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, using MMO and platinized titanium anodes. Refer our site www.cpanode.com for more details.
We also offer platinised titanium and niobium anodes for metal finishing application, it saves power, resist corrosion, reduce maintenance cost and avoid product contamination. For more details please refer our site www.ptanode.com.

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