Tiaano Limited Warranty

1. HHO is not a replacement or alternative fuel for your engine or equipment. It is only the fuel supplementary. Results of fuel savings will vary depending on application, vehicle & driver. Cost of equipment will be given back i.e., Money Back Guarantee (MBG) is valid for …

For non MFI based vehicles: if there is a proof for Hydro-Gen is not performing either minimum 10% fuel savings or emission reduction. For MFI based vehicles: MBG is not applicable. For the stationery engine applications: MBG is applicable only for HHO volume.

2. Hydro-Gen manufactured by Tiaano and its bought-out components / spares marketed by Tiaano are warranted on Free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of its invoice.

3. Warranty on Normal polarity electrolyzers for the production of Oxy Hydrogen (HHO) is Three years from the date of its invoice.

If a fault develops, notify us - giving a complete description of the alleged malfunction; including the model number, invoice number & date of shipment, and operating conditions of subject product. We will subsequently review this information and at our option, supply you with either servicing data or shipping instruction and returned materials authorization. Upon prepaid receipt of subject product at the instructed destination, we will then either repair or replace the product at our option, and if determined to be a warranted defect, we will perform necessary repairs or replace such product at our expense.

This limited Warranty does not cover any products, damages or injuries resulting from misuse, neglect, normal expected wear, chemically – caused corrosion, improper installation or operation contrary to factory recommendation. Nor does it cover equipment that has been modified, tempered with or altered without authorization. No other extended liabilities are stated or implied and this warranty in no event covers incidental or consequential damages, injuries or cost resulting from any such defective products.

4. The court of Law at Chennai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under the supply.

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