Warrantee registration form

(Warrantee registration form To avail the warrantee for Hydro-Gen, register the following details. Warrantee of the Hydro-Gen will be applicable, if the warrantee registration completed within 30 days from the date of its purchase.)

Hydro-Gen details:
Installed on (calendar):     *
Serial no. (Available in packing) : *
Model Number: *
User details:
Category (DD with others) : *
Vehicle Registration Number: *
Owner name: *
Owner address with PIN : *
Email id : *
Mobile Number with Country code:   *
Vehicle / Engine details:
Vehicle type : *
Manufacturer : *
Model by manufacturer : *
Engine CC: *
battery Volt: *
Fuel Type: *
Mileage recommended by OEM: *
Test Results:
Engine RPM before Hydro-Gen :
Engine RPM after Hydro-Gen :
Mileage before Hydro-Gen (50 Km speed) :
Mileage after Hydro-Gen (50 km speed) :
Emission (Carbon) before Hydro-Gen :
Emission (Carbon) after Hydro-Gen :
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